Integral Labels Pvt. Ltd. is a full-fledged label manufacturing unit, headquartered in Bangalore, specializing in manufacturing and exporting lables, primarily for electro-mechanical industry. We manufacture labels with base materials such as anodized aluminium, brass, stainless steel and self-adhesive polycarbonate and polyster. We also manufacture vinyl labels, barcoding lables, membrane switches and dome labels.

The company has proven manufacturing facilities backed by simulation tests. The work force at Integral labels is upgraded to quality assurance programs regularly. The company has adopted an ERP-based working environment ensuring that every order is processed systematically. The production process involves data collection and analysis at every stage, up to delivery.

The product range of Integral Labels spans the entire requirement of labeling solutions driven by values and powered by continuous skill upgradation. Products are available in a wide range of substrates, textures and colours. Our design team adds value to every phase, from product design, to prototyping, and final delivery. We do in-house development of the product based on either a product sample or a product drawing.